Tabletops - LION'S STONE

The Evolution Banquet Presentation System offers Lion's Stone Tabletop Option - industrial porcelain tabletops.

These elegant tabletops offer the hardness and ease of care of porcelain, but are made for installation in architectural settings - so they are made to withstand heavy traffic and abuse.


Lion's Stone tabletops are available with two edge options:

1. Stainless steel edge - Heavy-duty yet elegant edge protects the Lion's Stone surface and withstands abuse.  Full 1/8" thick #4 brushed stainless edges with welded steel tabs are screwed to the tabletop and the perimeter is sealed against spills and cleaning products.

2. Bevel wood edge with bumper - This edge is a more traditional looking edge detail that also protects the Lion's Stone surface and withstands abuse. Full 1" thick solid wood beveled edge with a rubber bumper for additional protection, not only of the tabletop, but your walls and doorways as well.