TabletoPs - Plastic Laminate

The Evolution Banquet Presentation System offers 

Plastic Laminate Tabletop Option

The industry standard for durability in tabletop finishes. You may choose any of these, or specify any plastic laminate by any manufacturer of your choosing.

Edge Details - Laminate 

Lion’s Stone tabletops are available with three edge options:

1. Vinyl EdgeHeavy-duty economical edge protects the plastic laminate surface and withstands abuse. Full 1/8” thick PVC Edging is double-coated with contact cement and trimmed to the top.

2. Bevelled Wood Edge with Bumper - This edge is a more traditional looking edge detail that also protects the plastic laminate surface and withstands abuse. Full 1” thick solid wood beveled edge with a rubber bumper for additional protection, not only of the tabletop, but your walls and doorways as well.

3. Stainless Steel EdgeHeavy-duty yet elegant edge protects the Lion’s Stone surface and withstands abuse. Full 1/8” thick #4 brushed stainless steel edges with welded steel tabs are screwed to the tabletop and the perimeter is sealed against spills and cleaning products.