Light Bar

The Light Bar

The Lion’s Wood Light Bar features an eye catching design that is a welcome addition to any party looking to recapture the Art Deco style. The custom panel front frame is also featured on the Light Back Bar and Light Podium (see our suites). The Light Back Bar adds additional storage and bottle and glassware display to make your bar service complete. Light Bar and Light Suite literature coming soon.


The stainless steel welded chassis that is the heart of the Lion's Wood Portable Bar is unique to the industry. No matter what happens to the exterior of your bar, the steel chassis will last virtually forever!

Back Bars:

All bars are available as sets with a matching back-bar, with or without a hutch on the back-bar base. Bars and back-bars may be purchased separately. See Suites for back bar details and other Suites elements.

Bar Dimensions

Front Bar size:

Back bar size: 

33” x 77” x 48”H

 30” x 72” x 78”H