Nesting Tables

 Nesting Table Details:

The Lion’s Wood Nesting Tables are designed to fit one-beneath-the-other, greatly increasing the amount of display area that you get in the footprint of the largest member of the set. And, because all are linen-free, they may be placed as furniture in the meeting rooms and hallways when not in use. Use all three together to create a tiered buffet display or use them separately. 


 Nesting Table Dimensions:

 Wood nesting table sizes :

  •  28” W x 56” L x 28” H
  •  28” W x 74” L x 33” H
  •  28” W x 92” L x 38” H

 Metal nesting table sizes:

  •  28” W x 56” L x 28” H
  •  28” W x 62” L x 33” H
  •  28” W x 68” L x 38” H

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