New Products


The Chevron offers a few unique features; the first being the massive Lion's Stone top with induction options that include three, four and five induction warmers concealed beneath the stone surface, and a new feature: all-over induction, meaning you can place induction-ware anywhere on the surface. 


 The Still Waters Back Bar

This is a member of the Falling Waters family and may be used interchangeably or in conjunction with the Falling Waters Back Bar, but is designed for those who crave enclosed storage space and lighted shelves for bottles and glassware.

The Foundry bar

Finally! A truly indoor/outdoor portable bar from Lion's Wood Banquet Furniture. And just like our other bars, the front, sides and bar top are all easily replaced if damaged, or for a change of finish with a few easy steps.


Falling Waters Front and Back Bar

We all love great architecture, and were inspired by one of the greats when it came to this bar suite. The finish options are endless but all are arranged around the bold horizontal steel strips inlaid in the bar front and echoed in the stair-step shelves of the back bar.



Styled after the era of the Great Gatsby, and named for his creator, F. Scott, indulge yourself in the sumptuous look of pattern-matched veneers in your choice of colors, paired with dramatic quartz and stainless steel.  

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