New Products

The Tivoli Mixologist Cart

Stainless Steel Chassis on heavy-duty Casters, Water-proof Design Board HDPE Shelves, Insulated Stainless Steel Ice Bin, Acrylic Bottle-Riser with Steel Railing, LED Lighting Optional.

The Still Waters Back Bar

This is a member of the Falling Waters family and may be used interchangeably or in conjunction with the Falling Waters Back Bar, but is designed for those who crave enclosed storage space and lighted shelves for bottles and glassware.

The Foundry bar

Finally! A truly indoor/outdoor portable bar from Lion's Wood Banquet Furniture. And just like our other bars, the front, sides and bar top are all easily replaced if damaged, or for a change of finish with a few easy steps.

Portable Power Stations
  • Operate induction warmers, induction cookers, heat lamps, cold-plates, refrigerators, etc.
  • Portable Power Stations may be coordinated with our Banquet Furniture Suites. There are Elemental Portable Power Stations, Classic Portable Power Stations, etc. Custom versions also available. 
  • Even if you use your Portable Power Station everyday,  you will not replace the batteries for over eight years!
How the Portable Power Station Works
  • Charge the Portable Power Station on standard wall outlet power before each event.
  • Set up anywhere and plug all electrical items directly into the Portable Power Station.
  • Systems are designed to provide power for 4-6 hours between charges. Consult with your sales rep to determine the best system for your needs. 


 A mixed-use Mobile Action Station with both heating and cooling elements. 

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