Plastic Laminate Finish Options

The truth is - there is no limit to the possibilities. We can use any laminate made by the major manufacturers on the furniture we make. The Torus Podium requires a vertical grade laminate with good flexibility because of the radius, but otherwise - there are no other limitations on your choice. We are displaying two selections from the four major manufacturers , but we can use Tree Frog, Chemetal, and anything else you can throw at us! 



Many of the Lion’s Wood bars, back bars, and podiums are made of real solid wood and fine wood veneers, as quality furniture has throughout the ages, and some are available only in plastic laminate - such as the Torus Suite, because the more modern design aesthetic can best be expressed in modern materials. Some, like the Skipjack may be made in either laminate or wood, and the Avalon may be a mixture of both.