Portable Bars


The Lion's Wood Advantage:

The Lion's Wood Legacy Bar Series


Say you have a Lion’s Wood bar that needs an update. 

Maybe you’d like to refresh the laminate selection

No need to replace the whole bar - 

just order a new front from us!

Remove the four bolts holding down the bar top, lift it off and set it aside. The existing bar front assembly is mounted on z-clips. Just lift it off and set it aside.

The new bar front is mounted on the same z-clips. 

Simply line it up and drop it onto the existing clips.

Replace the bar top and the four bolts that hold the bar top down, which holds the bar front in place.

Durability and Modular Construction

  • Bar fronts of different styles are all mounted on the same chassis (except Torus).

  • The bar-chassis is constructed of stainless steel.

  • The bar fronts and sides, and the stone bar tops are removable and interchangeable.

  • Easily repair and replace them in the event of wear and tear, or damage - or for fun!

  • The part of the bar that is subject to the most wear is the exterior.

  • The stainless steel chassis is practically indestructible.