Presto! Finish options and storage carts

 The Presto! Banquet Presentation System Bases are available in 1”x 1” stainless steel tube construction with a #4 brush finish.

The Presto! Banquet Presentation System Tabletops are fabricated with a plastic laminate face and backed with a sturdy phenolic backer sheet, with a vinyl edge treatment on an ultra-light plywood core. The vinyl edge is a heavy-duty economical edge that protects the plastic laminate surface and withstands abuse. Full 1/8” thick PVC edging is double-coated with contact cement and trimmed to the top.


Click on the gallery below to see the available Laminate and Edgeband combinations offered.




The 30 x 93 Inch Evolution Storage Cart


30” - 28¾” X 56 ” X 90
Holds: 8-24 Bases or 8-24 Tops
or 4-12 Bases and 4-12 Tops


 Presto! Storage Carts

Bases and tabletops load into the compartments on the Event Management System Storage Cart for protection during transport. Each compartment holds three Standard or X-Bases, or one Super X-Base, and one or two tabletops, depending on size. Be sure to check all doorways and elevator dimensions when selecting the cart that works best for your property.



The 36 x 93 Inch Evolution Storage Cart


36” - 34¾” X 56” X 90"
Holds: 10-30 Bases or 10-30 Tops
or 5-15 Bases and 5-15 Tops