Storage Carts


The 30 x 93 Inch Evolution Storage Cart


30” - 28¾” X 56 ” X 90
Holds: 8-24 Bases or 8-24 Tops
or 4-12 Bases and 4-12 Tops




Event Management System


Storage Carts




Evolution System bases and tabletops load into the compartments on this versatile cart for protection during transport. Each compartment holds three Standard or X-Bases, or one Super X-Base with one other smaller base, and one, two, or three tabletops, depending on size. Be sure to check all doorways and elevator dimensions when selecting the cart that works best for your property.



The 36 x 93 Inch Evolution Storage Cart


36” - 34¾” X 56” X 90"
Holds: 10-30 Bases or 10-30 Tops
or 5-15 Bases and 5-15 Tops