Mobile Presentation Tables Top Options - Quartz

For Service Carts and Mobile Presentation Tables

LWBF Presentation Tables Offer a 1.2 CM Quartz Table Top 

Option Quartz - The engineered stone product for durability. These are our standard Quartz offerings. If you are pairing these with any of our many Induction Tables, please note that these materials are suitable for use with all Action Induction units but are not to be used with any of the Induction Warming Units.

Beveled Wood Edge Detail with Bumper

We care about your Mobile Presentation Furniture, we care about your walls, and we care about your other decorative furnishings too. We know how much abuse these things can take in the fast-paced world of hospitality. That’s why all Classic Serving Carts (and every member of the Mobile Presentation Furniture line) is available with a solid wood beveled edge detail that includes our exclusive protective bumper, to protect not just the edges of the Classic Serving Cart, but everything else around it too!

Edge Details - Quartz

Quartz table tops are available on LWBF Mobile Presentation Tables featuring a beveled wood edge with bumper.